Professional Services and Consulting

Voice Over Technologies, LLC was founded by our President, Jeffrey Lynch in 2005. Jeffrey has over 25 years of hospitality experience and utilizes this experience to  meet the needs of hotel owners and operators.  He understands their needs and strives to provide a quick return on their investment, and to streamline hotel operations through efficient technologies.  

By working with some of the best engineers in the country, Voice Over Technologies customized Voice Over IP (Voip) to the hotel industry.  Voip simply replaces your existing phone service, with no change in call quality.  Voip can also provide an immediate return on investment and help your hotel save big in telecom expenses.

We can provide consulting services, coordinate implementation and provide service to an array of hotel technologies:

  • Voice Over IP— Voip
  • Telecommunications/PBX
  • Phone Sets
  • High Speed Internet Access
  • IP Security Systems
  • Networking
  • Website development

4448 Westview Drive, Copley, OH 44321-1239 T: 330-612-8876